Winter 2021 Programs

Online Gardening Classes

Instructor: Kristen Raney

Fast Indoor Gardening Projects – February 25 at 7:30
Learn how to make your own little vegetable garden from scraps at the grocery store, & how to sprout seeds.  These projects are perfect for beginners, quick to grow, and provide some much needed joy in the winter months.

Seed Starting for Beginners  March 4 at 7:30
This class will cover the basics of seed starting, the right timing of the most common vegetables and flowers in our area, and how to set everything up for success.

Small Space Gardening: An Introduction to container and square foot gardening – March 11 7:30 PM
Learn how to make the most of every inch of growing space available to you.  We’ll discuss strategies for container gardening, raised bed gardening, and growing vertically. 

A $10 annual LHCA membership is required to participate in our programs.

We accept other Saskatoon community association memberships

Financial Assistance

  • We have a limited number of grants available to support residents who are currently unable to pay registration fees for our programs. These grants are funded by the City of Saskatoon cost-as-a-barrier program.
  • A LHCA membership is required to access our cost-as-a-barrier grants.
  • Kidsport provides funding for youth basketball and soccer registration to families in need. (We’ve had families successful in getting Kidsport grants in the last year so it is worth applying if cost is a barrier for your child.)
  • Contact us at with questions about, or requests for funding. Confidentiality will be respected