ESSENTRICS ® 18+ (Winter 2022)

Tuesdays | 7-8 PM | Jan 18 – Mar 29 (No class on Feb 22) |

St. George School Gym
Instructor: Joanne Stevens

Essentrics ® is a dynamic, gentle, full-body workout that simultaneously combines stretching and strengthening while engaging all 650 muscles. Essentrics® focuses on improving flexibility and joint mobility, improving posture, and increasing overall muscle strength. The movements are designed to work through all your joints to release and rebalance tight muscles, relieve aches & pains and help restore energy. This low-impact class is taught with music at a slow-to-moderate tempo and is ideal for men and women of all ages.

Most of the exercises are done in a standing position, with a short component done on the floor.

What do I wear to Essentrics ® ?
Essentrics ® is done with bare feet and in comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement.

What should I bring to Essentrics ® ?
Yoga mat
Folded blanket (or large beach towel)
Strap or exercise band (a necktie or belt from a bath robe can be used)
Water bottle (non-glass)


LHCA will follow of provincial, City of Saskatoon, and school COVID protocols, which are subject to change.

  • COVID vaccinations are required to participate
  • masks are required indoors as per school directions
  • do not attend LHCA programs if you have:
    • COVID symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, runny nose)
    • returned from travel outside Canada  in the last 14 days (this includes travel to USA)
    • have tested positive for COVID-19 and not yet been cleared by Sask Health Authority to participate)
    • if the participant, or anyone in the participant’s household, has been in contact with a suspected or confirmed COVID positive person