Project Teams

A smaller time commitment? Flexible schedule?
We’ve got that.

LHCA members who don’t want to join the Board of Director can still help out by joining one of our project teams. What you do with the team depends on your skills and interests and how much time you can volunteer!

Programs Team

  • This is our most pressing volunteer need
  • Current members = Richard Medernach (LHCA President) and Shannon Forrester (LHCA Secretary)
  • Looking for 1-3 volunteers
  • email to find out more

Events Team

  • support the work of our Social Events Director
  • event planning and event day help is welcome
  • Winter Festival and Spring Fun Day are our primary priorities
  • Current members = Lindsey Gerwing (LHCA Social Director) and Tyler Rody (LHCA Vice-President)
  • Looking for 1-2 volunteers
  • email to find out more

Rink Team

  • Support the work of our Rink Director
  • We maintain the rinks at St. George School and Lawson Heights School
  • Tasks include repairing boards, paint over graffiti, flooding the ice, and clearing the snow – equipment and training provided
  • help maintaining Lawson School rink is our biggest need.
  • Looking for 1-3 volunteers
  • email to learn more