Program Directors

Role: The Program Coordinator oversees the recreational and cultural programs offered by the Association. (This does not include youth soccer nor youth basketball).


  • attend monthly Board meetings and the annual general meeting
  • plan indoor programs fall and winter seasons.
  • book appropriate school facilities for programs
  • hire contract instructors to teach classes
    • arrange contracts between instructors and LHCA
  • work with Web Director organize online program registration
  • work with Treasurer to develop annual programming budget
  • Make arrangements with Treasurer to pay the instructors at the end of their contracts
  • communicate with instructors and program participants as needed

Time Commitment:    Moderate year round and periodically busy when program seasons are beginning (e.g. September and January).

  • Monthly Board Meetings
  • Peak registration periods in September and January
  • Assist with LHCA special events

Skills Preferred:  Excel, communication. Experience in managing cultural or recreational programs is an asset but not required.